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Shepherds Fold Inc. sells bargain books to compete with online book prices.

Customer Success Story: Shepherd’s Fold

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Shepherd’s Fold Background

Shepherd’s Fold is a Christian store located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, that has been in operation for 30 years. They offer a selection of books, music, and gift items. They began carrying bargain book product in August 2014 and today, their bargain book selection accounts for 15% of their total book inventory. Shepherd’s Fold was looking to add product to their store that would increase their profit margins and help them compete with online book retailers while complementing their values and existing product mix.


Book Depot’s large selection of Christian books, low prices, and flexible shipping options allowed Shepherd’s Fold to develop their selection of smaller, slow-moving niche sections as well as stock a variety of backlist titles without requiring a large financial commitment.


Shepherd’s Fold saw their total book sales increase by 10% over the previous year with a 16% increase in book sale profits. They have reported that customers frequently purchase a mix of bargain books and regular-priced merchandise and have noted that they can now offer better prices instore than what they have seen online.

56% average margin: Book Depot’s bargain books translate into an average margin of 56%.

22% bargain book sales: Bargain Books account for 22% of Shepherd’s Fold overall sales.


“Bargain books allow a huge amount of our store’s inventory to compete with online prices. Shopping in store is now cheaper than buying online!”

“Book Depot’s low prices allow us to carry a greater selection of backlist titles without tying up significant inventory dollars.”

  • Calvin Smith, Manager – Shepherd’s Fold

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